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Unleash Your Child's Imagination at a world-class art instruction camp

Every child is an artist, and we at Camp Blair want to ensure that your child's creative mind will have every opportunity to grow and succeed. We seek to nurture and encourage your child's artistic development in traditional time-honored methods with the aid of two state-of-the-art studios and world-class professional guidance.

That's why we are happy to announce a new art program designed to foster artistic development, build confidence and encourage each child’s artistic expression. These programs are  for children ages 5 -17, and range from day camps to multi-week programs. Younger children ages 5-12 can participate in day camps, and parent accompanied weekend sleep-aways. Our enrollment is limited to 14 children per camp.

Our Camp focuses on creating project-based art in a wide variety of media. Guided by professional teaching artists, children will first explore art fundamentals in a variety of mediums and  artistic styles. Along the way children learn the steps of the artistic process from idea to creation.

Why Art Camp?

Art Camp gives a unique opportunity for your child to study with world-famous artists in a professional venue, with tools and techniques usually reserved for professionals. The unique setting enhances the learning experience.

Creating art gives your child a chance to be in complete control. He or she gets to be the leader and decision maker rather than just the follower of rules. Beyond giving your child a sense of control over their environment and enhancing their self-image though accomplishment; there are many other factors that make Art Camp a wise choice.

  • Art camp helps increase your child's attention span and attentiveness
  • Your child will get a  break from TV, cell phones, video games, and the internet
  • Your child will gain a better understanding of spatial relationships through improved observation skills
  • Your child will gain increased ability to express feelings visually, verbally, or in writing
  • Hands-on art encourages your child's creative exploration and self-expression
  • Art camp environment helps your child develop socially and make friends.
  • Art camp helps your child become more resilient, by coping with failure and overcoming adversity.
  • The pride and success that making art brings will remind  your child that they are a successful and creative individual that has something important to say and share with the world.
  • Art Camp is fun! We learn a lot but it is presented in a way that is enjoyable and easy to understand. Each small step builds on the last so no one is left behind.  Your child will be able to move at a pace they are comfortable with.
  • Not all children are the athletic type or those that are may also have a quiet side. Finding an art form that speaks to  your child may bring out a side of him or her like nothing else does. Sometimes the shy or introverted child just needs a place to feel at home. Finding like-minded individuals (both staff and peers) to share their creativity with may change your child's whole world or outlook.
  • Focus seems to be in short supply for some children. Many often labeled with acronyms like ADD and ADHD. We find that art can help students overcome some of their problems arising from short attention spans. While we would never claim a cure for medical diagnoses it does seem reasonable to assume that people engaged in an immersive activity would be less like to suffer from short attention spans. Art, unlike some other immersive activities, is productive and healthy. 
  • Your child will learn tenacity and persistence at Art Camp. We teach young people that by not giving up, they will eventually reach their goals.
  • Your child will learn to take artistic risks and experiment. It is totally safe to try new things just to see what happens, because there is no penalty for trying something that doesn’t work. We learn from those experiences the lessons that form the basis for our next attempt.
  • Art feeds the natural curiosity that all children have to try new things.

 Who we are

We are a full-fledged, internationally-acclaimed, art school founded in 1997. Our standard of art has earned us the respect of professional artists and art educators from around the world. Therefore, we are here to teach, as well as encourage, the next generations of artists. We will use age-appropriate language, definitions, and examples to introduce children to complex ideas and concepts such as: proportion, hue, saturation, value, lines, edges, transparency, reflections, and refraction to name just a few. These concepts and perceptions of the world around us allows artists to interact with and shape their art in ways that are consistent with reality and lend believably to the images we render.


Your donations to the Blair Art Camp are completely tax deductible. We have our Section 501 (c)(3) status, which allows individuals and businesses to deduct their donations from their Federal Income Taxes.


Through generous gift-giving, we’ve been able to offer a financial assistance program that allows children in low-income families to enjoy the benefits of the camp. Please contact us for more information.


 Our Programs

Our multi-day and multi-week art-immersion programs encourage the exploration of each student’s creativity and vision. We provide children fun instruction in the fundamentals of a variety of mediums. Children then have the opportunity to design and create their own projects.

We feature a dynamic, age appropriate  curriculum for your grade level with  comprehensive lessons that teach art techniques, skills, vocabulary and history. We offer a variety of programs from single day to multi-week overnight camps. We are featuring shorter weekend camps for 5-11 year old artists, where Mom or Dad stays to participate alongside their child. Along with the camp projects, we will devote time to helping parents understand how to talk to their young children about art to give them at-home project ideas and tools to better encourage their child’s creativity and confidence.

We are an educational entity founded upon the principle of helping students reach their artistic goals and add more realism to their art . Your child will discover how to render objects with a improved degree of accuracy and realism. Our courses are designed to make learning about concepts such as: proportion, shadows, light, color theory, textures, reflections, and transparency fun and entertaining. The lessons, methods and techniques learned at camp will remain with your child for a lifetime and can be applied in countless ways to their future art projects. These techniques will give your child confidence and ability to reduce the natural frustration often felt by self-taught artist, that don’t have the experience or resources to call upon for guidance.

Our Staff

The staff to student ratio at Blair Art Camp is 1 to 4 to ensure that your child gets the proper amount of attention. Each member of our staff is experienced, dedicated, and works diligently to serve your child's best interests, growth, and safety while learning. Our teachers consist of professional art educators, all dedicated to bringing excellence to your child's visit here. All staff members are interviewed, with references and extensive  background checks. You are welcome to interview any and all staff members yourself to ensure that you are comfortable with their character. We are happy to talk with you before, during, or after camp.

The instruction is led by Founder and award-winning artist, Dru Blair, whose 30-year career in art ranges from Computer Game Animation to Star Trek novel covers, Billboards, Military Aircraft, Murals, and more. Dru has a Master's degree in art, and has taught art classes for more than 25 years. Click here for Dru's Bio.


Our camp offers a program with a wide range of activities your child may not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in. Here is a list of some of the activities:

painting horses


Types of Camps

We offer two types of art camps. For young children, 5 to 11 we offer weekend camps year round, where the parent stays to enjoy the experience with their child.

The parent accompanied camp experience is a choice between 2 and 3 day stay where one parent is invited to remain through the entire experience and participate in every activity with their younger child ages 5-8. This includes many of the regular camp projects and available activities. This is a great parent and child weekend getaway, which everyone will enjoy.

Overnight summer art camps teach kids how to temporarily separate from their families, which is one of the safest ways to improve their sense of independence. Being away from one's child can often be more stressful for the parent than the child. Day camps help both younger children and parents deal with separation. Usually children are ready for overnights by age 12, but you may have to give them (and yourself) a little push.

From Cartoons to Superrealism: Our Standard of Art

Below is a demonstration of the artistic range that our instructors are capable of producing. Our teachers offer art knowledge beyond that of other institutions, academies, and colleges, which is why so many art professors choose us for their own artistic training.  Below are some paintings created by our staff. These are not photographs.


Click here see more artwork produced by our staff members.


About Us

Nestled in the natural surrounding beauty of the Sumter National Forest between Charlotte and Columbia, our venue is an ideal learning environment. Without the distraction of computers, video games, cell phones, TV or other time-killers, children can focus on beneficial creative and interactive pursuits in a natural setting.

The Blair School was founded in 1997 and quickly became a premier international art training center for artists. The school features two main buildings with two studios for your child's exploration of all types of artistic mediums. Lodging is located on site, featuring 14 bedrooms each with full baths. Siblings would be allowed to double up in one room and we have a few rooms with two beds that older children may choose to room with a friend prior to booking. We have laundry facilities and a full kitchen in each building.

There is an abundance of wildlife in and around our campus, and children are often treated to views of creatures right outside the windows of the studio.

Though art is our emphasis, we know it is summer and time for outdoor fun. In addition to lots of studio time, children will enjoy plenty of other activities including recreation, camp fires, horseback riding, athletics and games, field trips, fabulous meals, visiting artists, evening programs and personal time for making art with their friends.


 About our Studio

Our camp features two state-of-the-art studios. One is supported by audio visual equipment that allows children an up-close look at art techniques in real time. The other studio is for our more messy projects, and is surrounded with generous windows to invite sunlight and views of nature. The studios feature a powerful ventilation and air cleaning system, to ensure that fresh clean air is always present. Both are actual working studios so that children gain a sense of a real production studio. 

Grand Opening Expected Summer 2017

Updates will be posted as information becomes available. 


Feel free to contact Melanie Alexander at 803-635-8060
or write us at

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