Airbrush Foundations Day

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Availability for Foundations Day is linked to enrollments for the multi-day workshop following it. If the date choices above say "Enroll Today" the class has been confirmed and will be held a scheduled. If it is marked "call for availability" there is a chance that the Foundations Day may be canceled due to low enrollments. Call us at (803)635-8060 to receive the most up to date information on class availability.

Foundations day

For our airbrush workshops, we hold a one-day crash-course workshop that is dedicated toward beginners or veterans alike who would like to learn the fundamentals of airbrush realism painting.

Class runs from 9:00am - 7:30pm (lunch is included with the class)

The Day will be packed with everything you need to know to get started in airbrushing and prepare you with the tools and confidence to jump into a multi-day workshop.

One day is all you'll need:

  • We will discuss the types of airbrushes and how they work
  • Demonstration will be given on Disassembling and Reassembly
  • Cleaning & Maintenance is important and easier than you think.
  • You will find out the importance of good posture and smooth motions
  • Learn best way to Hold your airbrush for predicable control and consistent marks
  • Learn the 5 mark making variables that you'll need to be aware of
  • You will practice drills to master of the 5 types of marks that you must know for every project
  • Controlling Edges is one of the top 5 keys to painting realism
  • Learn to distinguish between hard and soft edges and how to achieve each
  • Why freehand airbrushing is best suited for soft edges
  • Use of frisket (masking film), paper, tape, plastic, or found objects to create various edges
  • Learn about overspray /underspray, how it can wreck your day and how it can work to your benefit.
  • Master the "Bounce" Technique and the importance of "Ghosting"
  • The "Flip" technique can take years off of your learning curve
  • Use it for Airbrushing or sketching with a pen or pencil.
  • It can be extremely useful for transferring images to your surface
  • Triggering and why this simple concept is critical to your success!
  • Learning to spray in smooth even coats takes some practice
  • We call it triggering.
  • It is accomplished by turning the flow of paint on and off while keeping the air flowing.
  • Learning to trigger properly is by far the hardest hurdle for self-taught airbrush artists to master.
  • While it is simple in concept it is not intuitive to most new airbrush artists learning on their own.

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