This workshop is newly updated for 2019!
New to Airbrush? Consider our optional Foundations Day on February 20th!

Mountains, landscapes, lakes, clouds, atmosphere, splashes, sweat, night ocean and more.  This class covers a greater variety of subjects than any other workshop, and includes color theory! This is a multi-project class with several individual samples of objects from various sources rather than a single project from beginning to end.
  • Learn about direct sunlight
  • Learn fast ways to create illusions of depth
  • Discover atmospheric effects for greater realism
  • Mix and match colors perfectly through our Color Theory
  • Special effects for speed and impact
  • Shortcuts and tricks designed to enhance


New to airbrushing? Join our Foundations day!

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    Accommodations included with multi-day workshops:

    • Picturesque rural setting on the bordering Sumter National Forest
    • Private rooms with queen-sized beds and full in-suite bathrooms
    • Chef's menu of home-cooked meals prepared and served daily
    • Fully stocked art studio, all class materials and reference included
    • Color-corrected lighting (over 120 fluorescent tubes)
    • Built in air filtration system (no need for respirators)
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